1. Is CrucibleCon a closed Hotel?
    • Initially, that was the intent but unfortunately, we weren’t able to secure the hotel. However, we have taken every measure we could think of to protect the privacy of our attendees. The entryway to the dungeon will be draped and there will be security at the entrance to check for badges and bracelets ensuring all admitted are part of CrucibleCon. Socials and meet-ups with more of a “spicy” bite will be held in rooms with closed doors and security posted outside to check all who enter. The same productions will be taken with Vending.
  2. Will there be security?
    • Yes! We will have security at the door to every event, social, meet-up (in a room or ballroom), and the Vending area. CrucibleCon security will also be present at the beginning of the hallway for the dungeon which will be draped and blocked from view.
  3. How do I get to CrucibleCon?
    • You will have gotten an address at the end of your registration process. If you did not receive it please reach out to us.
  4. What is the minimum age to attend CrucibleCon?
    • The minimum age to attend is 18 years of age. All others will be denied entry.
  5. What is the dress code for CrucibleCon?
    • While in a shared public space, please dress family-friendly. Behind the closed doors of CrucibleCon, during events, socials, and meet-ups, fetish wear is welcome.
  6. What is the dungeon dress code?
    • Anything you want. But please put a chuck under your naked butt.
  7. Is this a shared space with non-kinky people?
    • Being a new event, we were unable to sell out the hotel within the allotted time provided. We apologize for the change of plans. We will do our best to ensure the privacy and safety of our attendees.
  8. What about the courtyard?
    • Please dress family-friendly when in the courtyard, and no play is allowed.
  9. Is there a pool?
    • There absolutely is. However, you must wear a bathing suit and no sex or play is allowed in the pool.
  10. Do I need to sign up for events or socials?
    • Not at all; every event, social, meet-up, or activity is available to our attendees.
  11. Will there be classes?
    • No, not this year. Being our first year, we opted to focus on events, dungeon, and vending.
  12. Is there anywhere nearby to eat?
    • If you booked a room in the hotel, your room comes with two breakfast coupons per room per night. For all other attendees, there will be a list of nearby restaurants at the registration desk there is a restaurant on the premises.
  13. What is your medical policy?
    • We will be providing basic first aid supplies but there will not be a full medical team like at camp. For this event, anything more serious than what you would feel comfortable treating yourself at home should be seen by a medical professional. The names and addresses of the nearest Urgent Care and Hospital will be available at HQ/Registration.
  14. What is your photo policy?
    • Photos are not allowed under any circumstance behind secure areas of the CrucibleCon event.
  15. What is your cancellation policy?
    • Please see our cancellation policy here!
  16. What if there are still more questions?
    • That’s not a problem at all. Please email us at info@cruciblecon.com but do allow 48 hours for a response.
  17. Where can I smoke?
    • Please use the designated smoking sections according to hotel policy.
  18. Do I have to pay for parking?
    • No, parking is free.