This Consent Policy and Guidelines are based on those approved by CrucibleCon, S&M Events LLC, and The Crucible, as updated on April 14, 2023.

All activity taking place at CrucibleCon must follow the accepted principles of Safe, Sane, and Consensual (SSC) and Risk Aware Consensual Kink (RACK), and specifically the following Consent standards apply:


Consent must be given before a scene. Consent is:

  • Explicit and verbal (only “yes” means “yes,” and “no,” “perhaps,” “we’ll see,” etc., means “no”);
  • Specific with respect to roles, expectations, and activities;
  • Freely given, without pressure or influence – anyone is free to refuse to participate;
  • By the person themself, not a third party;
  • Informed and informing, with any particular physical or mental vulnerabilities disclosed;
  • Agreed on in advance – it may not be renegotiated in the middle of or directly after an interaction or scene; and
  • Reversible at any time

There is No Consent if:

  • Force, coercion, intimidation, or threatening behavior were used to gain consent;
  • An additional or subsequent interaction or scene is engaged in without a new consent; or
  • Consent was obtained from someone in an “altered state.” Exampled of an “altered state” include if a person was:
    • Under the influence of alcohol
    • Under the influence of any drugs (legal or illegal)
    • Not in control of their physical capacities
    • Not in command of their mental capacities
    • Unconscious.


CrucibleCon fully support and enforce the use of Safewords:

“YELLOW” = Caution, slow down or take a break

“RED” = Stop this activity now

“SAFEWORD” = I require outside assistance, and all scene activities must stop


There is a Consent Incident Procedure to address any violations that take place at CrucibleCon. If you experience unacceptable behavior or witness an incident at CrucibleCon, please report it to the CrucibleCon staff as quickly as possible. We will immediately intervene if necessary – safety is paramount. Any request for anonymity/confidentiality will be granted and protected. Staff will determine whether the reported individual will be required to leave the event.

To report a consent violation or inappropriate behavior electronically, please email Complaints shared with CrucibleCon are kept confidential. CrucibleCon is not responsible for investigating incidents that occur outside of CrucibleCon.

Reports of violations will be investigated, and the owners of CrucibleCon will determine if further action is appropriate.

Further action may range from:

• Having a private conversation about reported behavior.

• Conflict mediation, if appropriate and requested.

• Requiring the reported individual to leave the event.

• Temporarily banning the reported individual from all CrucibleCon, Camp Crucible, S&M Events LLC, and The Crucible events.

• Permanently banning the reported individual from all CrucibleCon, Camp Crucible, S&M Events LLC, and The Crucible events.